Using PANORADO Applet:

...using the mouse: using the keyboard:
click and drag left mouse key - pans the image
click middle mouse button - shows as much of the image as possible
rotate mouse wheel - zooms (+/-)
F5 - restarts the image
F4 - toggles between mouse modes
1 - sets the scale to 100%
+/- - zooms (in and out)
cursor keys - pans the image
shoft+cursor keys - moves the image evenly
ESC - stops moving image
H - Toggles visibility of hotspots
C - Toggles visibility of the compass scale

if it doesn't work ...

... the images are very big (300kb.), so it takes time to load them.

... JAVA function has to be enabled or you have an old Java version - you need version 1.4 or above (you can download it here...).